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FYI: We are discontinuing this blog…

We have decided to close down this blog for good. No worries though! All of our past posts will remain here for posterity and for all of your future reading needs! But for the future, there won't be any action here. You can of course still check the website for any new announcements we'll have, either for events or for the launch of our new books! We will continue to update the site with that kind of stuff!


Keeping Calm and Writing On… Even While in the Midst of War

So you say you just can't find the time to write?  I'll take your whine and add some cheese.  J.R.R. Tolkien did some of his best work in a war-torn France.  Or so the legend goes.  Apparently, much of Middle Earth and the Hobbit were developed in the throes of World War I, while a young Private… Continue reading Keeping Calm and Writing On… Even While in the Midst of War


Newest Launch for Wordwraith Books

02.17.2017 | Kansas City, MO Visit for contact details, review copies, photos, and an author bio. The Altruism Effect Book One in the Mastermind Murderers Series Release date: March 07, 2017   Hey Guys! The next Wordwraith Books novel to launch will be my thriller, The Altruism Effect- Book One in the Mastermind Murderers… Continue reading Newest Launch for Wordwraith Books