One person’s delusion is another’s reality…

Psychologist Raine Walsh is at it again. One of her clients thinks he’s being stalked, but the police find no evidence. She seems to be the only one who believes there’s more to his story than pure delusion.

When Raine’s client is kidnapped, Detective Jonah Heely doesn’t think it’s coincidence. Suspended or not, he’s determined to find out why Raine herself always seems to be at the scene of the crime.

Alex Wood just wants to be a normal college freshman, but he keeps dreaming that he murdered someone. When disturbing clues hint that the nightmares might be real, Alex begins to question what he might really be capable of.

Raine’s quest to protect those she cares about, Heely’s obsession with her involvement in these crimes, and Alex’s investigation into the dark corners of his own mind collide in The Carbon Effect, the third book in the Mastermind Murderers series.

If you like mind-bending plot twists, then you’ll love this page-turning continuation to these psychological thrillers.

The Carbon Effect is now available on AMAZON!

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