Bargain at Bravebank edit 1

In one night, Van Delano lost everything.

His parents murdered. His home burned. He and his younger sister hunted for crimes his father had committed before they were even born, and separated from each other in the chaos.

Nine years later, Van is still alive, but his sister is still missing.

Now living on the edge of the law himself, and surviving on the merit of his infamous heritage and his own swiftly growing skill at the quick draw, Van doggedly pursues any rumor of his sister’s whereabouts.

At last it appears he’s found the end of the trail… and it leads straight to Nine-Fingered Nan, one of the oldest and most feared outlaws in the country.

But Van is determined to get his sister back, no matter the cost.

Even if he’s gotta make a deal with the devil herself…

Bargain at Bravebank is now available for pre-order on AMAZON!

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