from the trenches

FYI: We are discontinuing this blog…

Hello there!

We realize it’s been awhile since we’ve had any new blog entries, and that’s because we’ve all been REALLY BUSY writing more books!

You see, the bottom line is that we’re novel authors… not bloggers. And while we’ve had great fun maintaining this blog in the past, and treasure all our past posts, recently we had a sit down and talked about what our top priorities were as authors, as people, and as a business.

And it turns out, not surprisingly, our number 1 priority was to write more awesome books to entertain awesome readers.

Needing to post to a blog regularly was really eating into our writing time. Blogging might seem simple, but as anyone who’s actually tried it before knows, it can actually be really time consuming. You have to think of what to post about, then write the post, then edit the post, then schedule the post, etc. And if you’re like me… it can take you 2 hours or MORE to write a post you’re happy with.

And so, we have decided to close down this blog for good.

No worries though! All of our past posts will remain here for posterity and for all of your future reading needs! But for the future, there won’t be any action here. You can of course still check the website for any new announcements we’ll have, either for events or for the launch of our new books! We will continue to update the site with that kind of stuff!

If you’d like event and new release information in a timely manner without having to remember to come back here every now and then, feel free to join our Reader’s Club mailing list, and we’ll give you all the BIG NEWS straight to your inbox!

Just click here to get started on that!

Otherwise, that’s all for us here, we’re off to get back to writing!

Happy reading to you!

❤ J. R. Frontera and the Wordwraiths



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