One Word to rule them all..

We are a writing collective and publishing house. The group makes us stronger individuals and better writers. Each of us has our own story to tell. Together, we strive to let our stories free. Words brought us together, and words anchor us.

One Word to Find them…

We are scattered around the Kansas City Metropolitan area from Oak Grove, Missouri to Eudora, Kansas. Our home towns offer a rich and diverse pool of opportunities and experiences from which to draw ideas and inspiration.

One Word to bring them all…

The genres we write include Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy and Literary fiction. We write adult new adult, young adult, and children’s stories. We couldn’t be more diverse, but we’ve found a home in each other.

Our group began in 2013 when the three founding members met at a small writing conference. There, The Wordwraiths were born. As different as our writing styles and aspirations are, we are grounded because of each other. We are better because of the group, and the group is eclectic because of it’s individuals.

And in the darkness bind them…

We have come together as a writing community, a place where similar minds can find support and solace. We motivate, inspire, and encourage each other. Although our genres, our personalities, and our goals may be different, we stand and write together. Writing can so often be a solitary activity, but it doesn’t have to be. We have found that having each other makes the process, if not easier, more enjoyable.