The Heart of Handwriting


When I was in middle school, the cool thing to do was send handwritten letters to your crush. You had to plan just the right moment to sneak past their locker and drop it in one of the vents. Then you had to sit in agony during your next class period while you  waited to see if they would even read the letter that you stressed over and if they did read it, would they respond or would they just be creeped out.

I remember sitting in my room and writing, then rewriting letters. Did I use the right color ink? Did I use the right words? Are my cute drawings in the margin silly or special? Will he write me back? Does he even like me? So much thought and preparation went into those letters that I poured my adolescent heart into. For a ‘relationship’ that lasted a minimum three class periods or at most a few weeks.

Now that I am adult and find myself living away from my husband due to his educational pursuits, I think I would like to bring back my handwritten letters of admiration. I think sitting down and handwriting a letter goes further than typing a quick email. Waiting for him to receive it is like I am back in middle school again. My stomach is a bundle of butterflies and I can’t wait to get a phone call saying it arrived. Will he think the drawings in the margins will be silly? Will he write back to me?

In our time apart I hope these Love Notes will provide us with memories that we can share with our future children and grandchildren. There is something special about unfolding old notes and falling back into the moment of when they were written. Of the heart that was poured into the words. I’d like to think of us back in the days before technology and instant communication. Maybe that will make the time apart a bit sweeter.

Now I just have to figure out which ink I should use…purple or pink?

❤ Caycee and the Wordwraiths

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