Dreamers Release Details

Today I’m thrilled to announce that my science fiction thriller short story, “Dreamers”, will be published through Wordwraith Books to Amazon on February 16th, 2016!

So without further ado, I give you the COVER, the BACK COVER COPY, and something even COOLER (well, maybe, lol), a LIVE READING OF CHAPTER 1! Check it out!

Rostam Hobbs had been on track to make Chief Engineer on the New Horizon space station … before the dreaming interrupted his sleep patterns. Before the miscalculation that nearly froze the entire west residence wing into a block of ice. Before he’d been reassigned to a junk-bucket scout ship to get lost in some godforsaken corner of space.

Dreamers were supposed to have been identified and utilized by the time they hit puberty, and he’s well past that. Maybe they wouldn’t take him now, given his age, but he doesn’t dare chance being found out. Most people are blissfully unaware that Dreamers even exist. But he works in Engineering.

He knows everything about Dreamers.

And on a ship this small on a mission so long, it’s getting harder and harder to hide …

What Advanced Readers are saying about this story:

“Oh, crap! This is amazing! I will think about a coherent review! Wow! Amazing! This is the work of a seasoned author!!!” — Pat Stevens, ARC volunteer

“I gotta write my review! This story was FANTASTIC!” — Tiffiney Baumgarden, ARC volunteer

“You have a fantastic voice–and I am simultaneously horrified and fascinated by the fact [spoiler]!!!” — Reece Hanzon, Managing Editor at Jolly Fish Press

Listen to the 1st Chapter (and meet one of my cats!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwCJaj7LwsQ

(Yes, I do start reading pretty fast … that’s because it was my THIRD time reading the chapter due to technical difficulties, argh. But no worries, it all worked out in the end!)

If you prefer to read the 1st chapter yourself, you can go here.

And if you want a reminder when this thing goes live (so you can pick it up for free!), drop your email here . I hope you’ll check this one out and let me know what you think!

❤ J. R. Frontera and the Wordwraiths!

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