The Voices in my Head


Typically, my morning commute consists of driving down a traffic-clogged highway and flipping intermittently between the six preset radio stations in my car- I hate commercials and always get that damn O’Riley’s Auto Parts jingle stuck in my head. Sometimes though, I turn off the radio down and let the other voices entertain me on my way to work. My favorite activity is to listen to the part of a song and develop a story to spin off of it. Country music is a great kick starter for stories on the fly. I mean, I have full on dialogues with ‘myself’ in the car…I’m sure the other commuters think I’m slightly off my rocker but aren’t all writers a tad bit off their rocker? I mean we dive head first into fictional stories and get to know our characters better than our own family members. You can’t be sane and be a writer at the same time. It simply isn’t possible.

Playing out scenes in your car can also be a way to fix the common problem of hitting the wall during a storyline. There is something about being alone in your car that creates a sort of safety bubble for the creative mind. Even though there are tons of people flying past you, there is no one but you and your own fictional world in your car. You can’t be afraid to get a little weird – I promise it will make your story (and you) better. And don’t be surprised if you get emotional while talking through a scene, that means your words are tugging on actual heart strings!

So if the talk radio gets lame, or the commercials last a little too long, or if you’ve hit the wall and can’t seem to knock it down – turn down the volume, talk out loud, get silly, and most of all don’t let those voices in your head stay trapped for ever. Sometimes we need a little crazy in order to get serious.

Now get to talking!

❤ C.M.Hays & the Wordwraiths

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